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World of Wagners

My own view of the world is expanded in this guest section by the view of honorable guests. In "World of Wagners" you will also find artistic and philosophical works by my deceased wife and children.

Alexandra's World

do you hear the call

let's follow him

Up – soar up into the air.

He guides us

into the land of our longing,

in the middle of the world.


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Johannes' World

I tell anecdotal stories, 

the ancestors praise the deeds, they say

My mantra it shimmers

Pioneer vibe that shatters the scale

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Maria's World

"While nature indifferently absorbs our lives, strivings and deaths, existence goes on" (Francesco Baldo, from 'Each like a coal drawn from the fire': Terrence Malick's The Thin Red Line)


special guests

Here I want to give space to people who have influenced and even helped shape my own work and worldview and/or with whom I have an artistic affinity

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