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Alexandra's World

Alexandra on her writing and art


“I think it would be quite nice to publish the story since the onset of my illness. Regardless of whether I get well or die from it. As a story of becoming healthy. For people who are very afraid of the illness and of life. And of course of death.”


“How should I convey this? With my story. With my own personal story. And then make connections. I don't see any other way. I have to start from myself. Tell about myself. The world lacks these personal and intimate stories. I have found peace, that is what I am supposed to tell about.”

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I succeed you

Alexandras legendary exhibition from 2008. With the as well legendary opening speech

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Time of butterflies

Couvert de papillons l'arbre mort est en fleur! - 

The dead tree, covered with butterflies, is in blossom.

The last great work from Alexandra - a triptichon of butterfly-paintings

Seven paintings, seven poems

Almost all paintings from Alexandra are combined with poems. Here is given a selection of them...

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Alexandra about herself

From the booklet I succeed you

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My Schiller


Peter's text about his wondrous artistic connection to Alexandra

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