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My texts

On some days

For mum

Some days I'm scared
my memory is reliable
mostly, but leave me
trying to think of you
when the clouds pass by on such a day
bleach the light of the sun, 
around me a forest of dead oaks 
the leaves have fallen and been eaten away by time
crumble to dust on the grade I'm walking on
dogged as always, I force myself to follow the path
listen to my conscience, because knowledge must be followed by action
Surrealists, draw the path ahead of me
through thorn bushes, brambles, miserable undergrowth
but one of these ghost painters paints me with skill
a bayonet in his hand and quietly wishes me luck
brutal desperation seeks to grab my hand
seizes me completely and then begins to guide my hand
the art of war
never fight a desperate army
when she looks in the face of death
because the force of their blows comes from the frustration of their souls
breaks through branches, leaves, shavings, twigs fall to the ground
oh beloved world, how much you have already suffered
Children step on you with angel hair and white feet 
bathed in hot springs
your clear water, your light expanse - your fruits sweetness
but when blackness covers your lands again
The gate of terror opens, draws into hell with hooks
at the end of what can be grasped by thought
there I break through the last layer of thicket, the bayonet 
flashing in the clearing light, i see what's obvious, 
open view, blue anthracite 
the mirror lake in the mountains, moon in the daylight
far away from the stormy sea - of thinking, 
Lake of truth, at its bottom fate
which is also the source from which spring springs
I sing and walk along the shore, I'm a child
sink, ankle-deep in the sea of flowers, inside me
calm, stillness and joy. Your face.
laughing children's souls roam this place
know the city by the water because they live there
immediately, the desire to visit her in her homeland
get on my way – in the Italian avenue
your face. I stop, really your face
Some days I'm scared that if I
standing in front of you would have to admit, I didn't recognize it then
but the doubts fall from me, infinite ballast
and a palace of glass now surrounds this square
there, a street musician is now playing our song
and the music completes this mosaic
you laugh and hug me, here on the edge of time
give me security, show me how to share joy
There are feelings that swing like an infinite pendulum
from east to west to end at the edge of the world
ground your world as a gently swinging field
until the facade falls, experience of the world curls inwards
I see how this part fits into the whole
as a scene in this divine play
your death, sadness, hope and the feeling of fear
disappears into the depths, I'm washed up on the beach
a survivor, brought back to life
now no less than one totally devoted to life
in the Garden of Eden there, we walk there, eternal life, 
constantly flowing, falling, like water in the mountains
we are sheep of this shepherd
and every time we step out of the shadows again
he has descended into our time
the light of the sun no longer dazzles but illuminates, 
the blossoming forest of oaks, oh I love you so much
together we swim through the sea 
I'm a child in your arms
thrown and recovered at the same time 
in the love that we both are

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