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Marias World

Over the fields, deeper into the country

I step out and seek this solitude

where the space keeps expanding.

I have no idea,

just run away

and the paths open up.

I walk over wide, already threshed fields,

feel the stubble crack under the soles of my feet

hear the birdsong and see the vastness of the horizon.

Shapes and colors combine to form a rhythm

and before I go any further, I try

trace these quiet tones with pen and brush.


While nature indifferently absorbs our lives,

strivings and deaths, existence goes on” 



“When I start painting, I usually don't have a concrete plan. I don't think in advance what I want to portray in a portrait. I have no vision of what it should look like. Whoever I paint - whether it's someone familiar, strange or myself, I always start from the beginning, have to forget what I already know. 

Portrait Maria-1-2.jpg

Vendor's trays

The vendor's tray: A bit of a lot, without order, hodgepodge...

Portrait Maria--19.jpg


Backstage ....

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