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family portraits

When I think about the importance of photography in my life, I would say that my artistic photography shows something about my view of the world and life: What is important to me? What do I find important? Last but not least: What do I find beautiful. For me, this type of photography is a contribution to a universal, eternal life. It is a great feeling of happiness when I find posts about it in photos. If you will: My way of praising creation, the universe. my way of praying my way of loving

Despite it. If I had to choose what I would take to the famous desert island. These are the pictures from the photo album, the photos of my family. If I weren't an artist, I would still take pictures. The same applies here. Not everything that is created is valuable. Where can I find features, gestures, a way of smiling, what is important to me in my loved ones, in my family. Where do I see what I see in everyday life, what is in my heart, in our life. Where it's succeeded I see posts on a family portrait.

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