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The silent view gallery

My attitude in photography is strongly connected to my view of the world and life in it. I agree with Adalbert Stifter in his views from the Gentle Law, where he places the quiet and apparently unspectacular processes and events in nature above the forces of nature. 


“I consider the wafting of the air, the trickling of the water, the growth of the grain, the swaying of the sea, the green of the earth, the gleaming of the sky, the shimmering of the stars to be great: the magnificently moving storm, the lightning, which houses cleaves, the storm that drives the surf, the fire-breathing mountain, the earthquake that burys lands, I do not consider greater than the above phenomena, yes, I do consider them smaller..."


Stifter transfers this thought (as I do) to human life, here too it is not “the warriors and kings, but the things of peace” (I stole this formulation from “Heaven over Berlin”), his receive attention. And with that my world and consequently my photo world is already described in its outlines. Like this exhibition, I gave it the name <The silent view>. The term runs like a red thread through my entire photographic work. The older I get, the less I am attracted by the loud, the beautiful appearance or the pompous, rather the true adventure lies in the quiet, in the simple in the everyday, in the unvarnished.

It's not an idealized world that I want to show, nor an alternative world. The world is as it is. Warlike, superficial, hectic. My attention is also drawn to the motorcyclist who roars from the traffic lights with a cavalier start, to the flashing poster that promises me eternal health and youth. 

But I don't want to stop there, my heart is touched by these other, quiet events. A person's gaze dans le vague – into the inconspicuous, boundless, infinite; the attentive listener, the couple who meet with a look and at least in this one moment are completely in love, the man who doesn't seem to wait for anything anymore, the old woman who looks at her husband with so much kindness after 50 years - that are the heroes from my own epic. And I try to show that in my pictures. And that's what my attention is focused on even without a camera.

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