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The silent view galleries

What are you looking for in photography?

It's not an idealized world that I want to show, nor an alternative world. The world is as it is. Warlike, superficial, hectic. My attention is also drawn to the motorcyclist who roars from the traffic lights with a cavalier start, to the flashing poster that promises me eternal health and youth. 


But I don't want to stop there, my heart is touched by these other, quiet events. A person's gaze dans le vague – into the inconspicuous, boundless, infinite; the attentive listener, the couple who meet with a look and at least in this one moment are completely in love, the man who doesn't seem to wait for anything anymore, the old woman who looks at her husband with so much kindness after 50 years - that are the heroes from my own epic. And I try to show that in my pictures. And that's what my attention is focused on even without a camera.

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The silent view

My attitude in photography is strongly connected to my view of the world and life in it. I agree with Adalbert Stifter in his views from the Gentle Law, where he places the quiet and apparently unspectacular processes and events in nature above the forces of nature. 

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My Schiller

While I was studying German, I came across a few sentences in Goethe's biography that shed light on his relationship to Schiller. Accordingly, after his initial successes as a poet, he mutated more and more into an administrator at the duke's court, and his subsequent literary outpourings were well received by the readership, but also without any disturbing exuberance. When the acquaintance with Schiller turned into a real, productive friendship, everything changed again and Goethe was inspired to new literary heroic deeds. Of course, I don't know if that was really the case, but somehow this story stuck in my mind.

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Gandalf or Galadriel

I knew Rohini from stories by Johannes. She was his advisor and teacher for many years. I had been suspicious for a moment back then in the beginning, but I found that Johannes was developing well and his horizons were broadening rather than narrowing. And I gathered from his stories that Rohini and I had similar views about God and the world in many areas. I liked her approach to stillness, her interest in mysticism, and we had common ground on child-rearing issues as well. We exchanged greetings from time to time, but I didn't think we would meet face to face.

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to be touched...

Uwe Kranner Essax on  Peter's exhibition "The silent view"

Images of people, spontaneously captured street scenes, the eyes in happy, melancholic, thoughtful and now and then coquettish looks mostly turned to what Peter's photograph hides from the viewer. So what the images convey is not what the protagonists direct their gaze to from the street. Only a few of these scenes dissolve before the eyes of the viewer, rather they evoke questions whose answers I try to guess in the eyes of the people in focus.

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The decline of the index finger

When I was little, a great number of little tin men and tin women - in suits, with hats, mustaches or long pigtails - trundled through the black-and-white films of history like crazy, with a huge flight spring raised. Or staggered from starboard to port on emigrant ships with flapping hands, 

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people in cafes

The coffee house (especially the Viennese coffee house) has been the subject of countless photographs and entire photo series ever since photographers discovered it. The spectrum ranges from studio-style, carefully considered painterly arrangements of melange, glass of water and ring cake, to shots of coffee house interiors with their often very beautiful furniture, to photo studies of "interesting" coffee house visitors.

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