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The silent view goes online

Online event to celebrate the opening of this website

Contributions from

  • alexandra

  • Maria

  • John

  • Peter


With introductions and interviews from

Rohini Ralby & David Soud 

This event would be in English

The garden exhibition 2022

The first guests arrive. Hesitant greetings and attempts at orientation. The locations of our festival are spread over the entire property, small signs that we printed at the last moment try to give visitors an overview of the exhibition in the house and garden: Pictures of Alexandra can be seen on the first floor in the kitchen and living room, Portraits of Peter and paintings by me in the stairwell. In the garden there are pictures of Uwe, Mira, Peter and me, on tables there are sculptures and curiosities made by Jakob. The concert by Flo and Johannes will take place in our garage, which Jakob and I have sprayed on in the past few days. 

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The "Dom-im-Berg-Show"

Event of the Graz Photo Academy, June 3, 2022

The slide clip show in this unique location - a natural stone vault carved into the Graz Schlossberg - is the end point of the training for every study course. The students show slide clips with works from the year. You can watch the clip via the link. However, this requires the (free) registration for the community. 

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