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Gandalf or Galadriel

Through the dark valley with Rohini Ralby

I knew Rohini from recountings by Johannes. She had been his advisor and teacher for many years. Back in the beginning I had been suspicious for a moment, but I found that Johannes was developing well and his horizons were expanding, not narrowing. And I gathered from his reports that Rohini and I had converging views about God and the world in many areas. I liked her approach to silence, her interest in mysticism, and we also had common ground on issues of child rearing. We sent greetings to each other from time to time, but I didn't think we would ever meet face to face. Then something unexpected happened in my life ...

My Schiller

During my studies of German philology, I came across a few sentences in Goethe's biography that shed light on his relationship with Schiller. I read that after his initial successes as a poet, Goethe had increasingly mutated into an administrator at the duke's court, and his subsequent literary outpourings were received favourably, but without concerning amounts of enthusiasm on part of the readership. But when the acquaintance with Schiller turned into a genuine, productive friendship, everything changed again, and Goethe was inspired to new literary exploits. Whether all that really happened, I do not know of course, but the story stuck somehow with me.

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To be touched is the essence of being alive

Uwe Kranners essay for Peter's exibition "The silent view"

Pictures of people, spontaneously captured street scenes, the eyes with happy, melancholic, thoughtful, and occasionally flirtatious gazes, mostly turned towards that which Peter's photography hides from the viewer. What the pictures convey, then, is not that on which the protagonists from the street direct their sight. Only a few of these scenes resolve themselves for the eye of the beholder; rather, they evoke questions whose answers I try to divine from the gaze of the people in focus.

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